Ammonium analyser AMX

Ammonium Analyzer AMX
Ammoniumanalysator AM200

In nature Ammonium is found only in trace quantities being produced by natural biological activities. Although Ammonium exhibits only low toxicity in general it poses a considerable threat to fishes. Therefore, monitoring the Ammonium concentration is necessary in cooling and waste waters in many industries and in waste water treatment plants.

Operational Principle

The sample is fed into the stripper and sodium hydroxide is added to raise the pH to 14. The equilibrium of NH3 <>NH4+ is driven to the side of the neutral ammonia which is stripped off the sample. The stripped ammonia is trapped in a conductivity measuring cell filled with de-ionized water. The concentration of ammonia is calculated from the increase in conductivity after a pre-set time. The de-ionized water is regenerated before each measurement by an ion-exchanger.

Measuring very low and very high ammonia concentrations

Depending on the configuration and parameter settings the AMX is capable of measuring concentration as low as 10µg/l (ppb) or as high as several thousand ppm. The following curves illustrate the response at very low and very high concentrations. 

High Reliability

By using only high quality components we are able to deliver a very robust instrument with an excellent reliability. Down time for maintenance is just a few hours per year only.

All parts are easily accessible and are replaced in a few minutes. The user himself can do all maintenance work. Down times of the instrument are minimized!

Very robust method

Not only the technical construction of the AMX is very robust, but also the measuring procedure shows hardly any interference. Due to the measuring method the instrument shows almost no drift. Therefore, calibration has to be done in large intervals only. Since no reagents are required which show changes over time or can be prepared wrongly a second source of errors is eliminated.

No sample pre-treatment

In most cases no sample pre-treatment is necessary. Only in heavy polluted waste waters a filtration might be necessary.

Automatic self-cleaning

The Ammonium-Analyser AMX is fitted with an automatic cleaning system that cleans the stripper in user adjustable Intervals.


  • Ranges:< 10ppb to > 10.000ppm; depending on configuration
  • Measuring interval:5 – 10 minutes (typical, dependent on application); special version with 30 seconds response time available
  • Detection limit:<10ppb (dependent on configuration)
  • Sample temperature:0 - 30°C
  • Power supply:100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz, 50Watts
  • Output:4-20mA (0-20mA) for concentration
  • Alarm contacts:system fault, NC/NO; maintenance request, NC/NO; threshold, NC/NO (Option)
  • Display:4” Color touch panel
  • Housing:Upper part for electronics: steel, powder coated; lower part for hydraulics: plastic
  • Weight:+/- 30kg
  • Protection:IP 54
  • Ambient conditions: temperature: +5 - +40°C; rel. humidity:    <95% not condensing
  • Dimensions:910 x 300 x 480 mm (HxDxW)

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