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Without water, life on Earth would not be possible. The more urgent is the protection of this important resource. The industrial production and households consume large amounts as drinking, production or cooling water which is returned to the circuit after use. To prevent contamination of surface and ground water, sewage is treated and monitored cooling water for contamination.

The number of potentially dangerous substances is very large in all industrial nations. Efficient protection measures are therefore required! PAI offers analysers and monitors for the determination of Ammonium, Phosphate, Cyanide, Nitrite, Nitrate, Copper, Iron, Nickel, Zink, Fluoride, Chloride, Sulphate,  Silica, Chromium(III/VI), Chromate, VOC, POX, oil in water, BTEX, volatile chlorinated compounds, Phenols, Glycols, PAH, Algae, Chlorophyll in cooling waters, waste waters, surface waters and condensates.

PAI provides for more than 15 years its contribution in the form of reliable online analyzers for a large number of parameters.

One important area is the development of application-specific solutions that ensure a high degree of reliability. Especially industrial effluents often have a very specific composition, which may require the adaptation of existing analyzers, but also the perfect new development. For this purpose scientific engineering expertise and chemical expertise required.

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